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Astaxa GmbH has been the sales partner of Salata AG since 2010 and operates at the sites Ritschenhausen (Meiningen, Thuringia) and Potsdam (near Berlin).

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Technology and Patents

Astrea is the brand name of the high end photobioreactors, in reference to the goddess of Greek mythology, in which she embodies purity and integrity.

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We offer photobioreactors of all volumes and for all microalgae species based on standardized and industrially proven technical equipment.

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We provide services along the entire value chain of microalgae biotechnology.

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Our expertise/ fields of work

Design and construction of photobioreactors

Operation of photobioreactors

Year-round, food-certified, industrial microalgae production

Instruction & hands-on training

Product development

We provide technical and biotechnological support!
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