We provide services along the entire value chain of microalgae biotechnology.

Our services include plant planning, installation and commissioning, optimization of production processes and operations, maintenance and servicing, as well as operational training from laboratory to industrial scale. Our customers benefit from decades of production and R&D experience.


  • Test culturing and process development in the Astrea reactor system
  • PBR operation services
  • Algae cultivation (2,000 L ... 42,000 L)
  • Procurement/production of starter cultures
  • Staff training
  • Support for cultivation from start-up to industrial production
  • Rental of PBRs on a laboratory and technical scale
  • development of hygiene plans, cleaning and disinfection procedures

Photobioreactor (PBR) construction

  • dimensioning and plant planning of the PBRs
  • Engineering (2D and 3D CAD)
  • Plant construction and construction support or construction monitoring
  • Technology development and efficiency improvements of existing cultivation systems
  • Implementation of innovative photobioreactor concepts


  • Selection and dimensioning of downstream processes
  • Downstreaming of microalgae (solid-liquid separation, drying, extraction)
  • Algae product development for dietary supplements, feed, cosmetics, medical devices, fertilizers, soil enhancers, plant tonics
  • Application in tea (processing, packaging) and plant raw materials (e.g. granulate materials)