We offer photobioreactors of all volumes and for all microalgae species based on standardized and industrially proven technical equipment.

We are a system provider for the entire production chain, from laboratory-scale screening photobioreactor systems to the scale up to modular industrial plants for the phototrophic production of microalgae. These include scaled photobioreactors of 25 to 200,000 litres, as well as sterile reactors for special requirements. The use of high-quality materials for all product-touching parts of the system, such as borosilicate glass, functionally manufactured PE vessels, algae process-adapted pumps, stainless steel sensors, etc. form the basis of the Astrea reactors. The Astrea photobioreactors are price and energy-optimised high-end systems, which are thus predestined for the stable long-term production of high-value microalgae.

In addition to the standardized plant volumes, we offer customized dimensions and equipment of the plants. Talk to us.

Astaxa furthermore offers microalgae biomass, especially marine species such as Nannochloropsis (, as well as hydrophilic and lipophilic algae and phytoextracts with a defined composition (

Scope and plant volumes of Astrea reactors

LaboratoryAstrea  3024…30 L
Astrea  30 S24…30 L
Astrea 10095…105 L
Astrea 1K1,000…1,100 L
TechnicalAstrea 2K2 x 1,.000…1,100 L
Astrea 3K3,000…3,200 L
Container reactorAstrea 2K C2 x 1,000 L
ProductionAstrea 15K15,000…17,000 L
Astrea 50K50,000…54,000 L
Astrea 100K98,000…102,000 L
Astrea 150K152,000…156,000 L
Astrea 200K200,000…205,000 L